About Slovenian Judo Federation

Slovenian Judo Federation has registered 78 member judo clubs and almost 5000 female and male judokas. Slovenian Judo Federation is a member of the International Judo Federation and the European Judo Union that are fostering judo in the world and Europe. The activities of the Judo federation are tackled by elected committees: the committee for legal acts prepares all legal acts of the judo federation for approval; the committee for recreative judo fosters the spreading of judo within several target groups without the emphasis of competition, whereas the committee for competitions, trainers and anti-doping focuses on judo competitons on the regional and national level. In addition to those, additional committees cover the activities of the judo federation described by their names: the committee for kata, judges, veterans, recognitions and awards, security staff, belts, the national judo sports school, g-judo, public relations, the judo revue Slovenski judo and round up the sectors of activities of the Slovenian judo federation. All competitions are supervised by neutral and objective delegates and licenced referees.
Slovenian Judo Federation celebrates its 65th anniversary this year and 20 years since it successfully organised the first judo competition.
Over 500 judokas and 250 – 300 others will attend this year’s European Junior Championships in Maribor, the event will be held in Lukna sports hall.
It is expected that 6000 – 8000 spectators will follow the three-day competition, 200 volunteers will also help organize the event. Slovenia expects to win 2 to 3 medals, which will be a huge success for the Slovenian sport of Judo.
Slovenian Judo Federation has already organised some judo competitions in the past:
– Junior World Championships, Ljubljana 2013
– European Kata Championships, Koper 2012
– European Cadet Championships, Koper 2009
– European Championships U23, Ljubljana 2004
– European Senior Championships, Maribor 2002
– European Junior Championships, Ljubljana 1997